About Us

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Just Properties is passionate about making sure our clients have a wonderful experience in dealing with us. It is our mandate to make sure that clients are well satisfied, whether that be by finding a suitable place to rent, purchasing your new property or by achieving a great price on the sale of their home. Just Properties is a privately owned, specialist property consultancy business that has been operating in Melbourne since 1978.


Our Strengths


We take a leading role in property sales, development and ongoing management we are market leaders in our craft.

  • We don’t follow trends
  • We are innovators and trend setters
  • Our past projects have always achieved better than projected forecasts

Our Approach 


We are committed to ensuring our clients projects benefit from our unique industry experience in real estate sales and property development. 


A question often asked by people is, "why can two properties that appear to be the same" sell for vastly different prices! Quite often this question, is simply answered by "It comes down to a matter of presentation"  Our team at Just Properties can advise Vendors and Landlords of important check lists.


For more information contact us on +61 3 8657 3020